The birth of our lady was celebrated with great joy and full of enthusiasm by all the parishioners. Everyone participated in the nine days novena which started on 30/08/17 with a lot of zeal. Our thanks to all the priests Fr. Roshan Xalxo, Fr. Cronsnil Nirmal, Fr. Pushpraj Saleen, Fr. Praful Ekka, Fr. Saboo MJ, Fr. Jonny, Fr. Joseph Shivo and Fr. Ajay Bara who offered Holy Mass for us on the nine days of Novena. It was an awesome wonderful experience. Their message to all the parishioners was that Mother Mary was completely filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and the dunamis of God overshadowed her and she gave birth to a Son who is called Emmanuel which means God with us, and Mary became the mother of the Lord. She was so completely filled with the power of the Holy Spirit that she went to the town of Judea in haste to meet her cousin Elizabeth and when Mother Mary greeted her, both Elizabeth and John the Baptist were filled with the Holy Spirit “…when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greetings, the child leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit” (Luke 1:41). They gave more importance on our personal family lives to respect each family member and bring the blessings of Mother Mary I our lives by daily evening family prayers and rosary.

The birthday celebration of Mother Mary was started with a grand procession at 5:30pm on 8th September 2017 from St Joseph the Catholic Church sector 6 Bhilai towards sector 5 central avenue 3MT chowk and then back to the sector 6 catholic church. This was attended by about one thousand parishioners. The procession was led by the holding of the Holy Cross by the Altar boys, followed by the huge banner wishing Mother Mary Happy Birthday, and then followed by the beautiful decorated paalki with the statue of Mother of Vailankini. It was a prayerful gathering everyone was holding a candle in their hands. Children followed the statue of Vailankini Mother, then ladies and gents in two disciplined lines saying the rosary and loud melodious choir singing songs in honor of Our Lady. It was a memorable evening with beautiful fireworks being displayed on the road during the procession.

The Holy Mass stared at 6:45 pm by the parish priest Fr. Joseph Shivo and assistant parish priest Fr. Ajay Bara and the message during the sermon was exceptionally good, which conveyed the depth of the Love of Mother Mary in our lives as she loves us very much and that we should always seek for her blessigs.

After the Holy Mass, the Flag of Mother Mary was brought down from near the grotto outside and put near the altar inside the church. Benediction service was done after this which was attended by all. The whole church outside was beautifully decorated with neon and LED lights. The grotto was decorated with flowers and twinkling small lights.

 After this cake cutting ceremony was performed by the priests inside the church premises followed by delicious dinner for all. The dinner was sponsored by a member of our parish Mr. D. Dalu & family. God bless his family abundantly.

Thanks to all the parishioners for making this event a great success and full of happy moments.

God’s blessings and Love to all.